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  3. How much is Infinix Zero 30 in Nigeria- Specifications, Reviews, and Price.

How much is Infinix Zero 30 in Nigeria- Specifications, Reviews, and Price.

How much is Infinix Zero 30 in Nigeria- Specifications, Reviews, and Price.
Brand: Infinix
Category: Infinix
  • Display AMOLED, 1B colors,
  • RAM 8/12GB RAM
  • Storage 256GB
  • Battery 5000 mAh, non-removable
  • Front Camera 50 MP
  • Rear Camera 108 MP
  • Operating System Android 13, XOS 13

Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

  • Battery 10 / 10
  • Camera 10 / 10
  • Connectivity 10 / 10
  • Design 10 / 10
  • Performance 10 / 10
  • Storage 10 / 10

Infinix Zero 30 is the newest top notch phone from Infinix. It targets Nigerian buyers. The phone is designed to capture the market with its cool features and fair price. It promises a great mobile experience for its users.

How much is the Infinix Zero 30 in Nigeria? specifications, reviews, and price

Infinix Zero 30 is the newest smartphone from Africa’s popular brand, Infinix. It’s sleek and powerful, catching the eye of many in Nigeria. This part will look at its price, where to get it, main features, and tech specs. This info will help you choose wisely.

Pricing and Availability

Infinix Zero 30 is out in Nigeria now. The starting price is from 120,000 to 130,000 Naira. But, the final price depends on the amount of storage and RAM you want. There are several choices to fit different needs and budgets.

Key Features and Specifications

Infinix Zero 30 has a lot to offer. Let’s check out a few important things about it:

  • Display: Enjoy a big, clear 6.8-inch AMOLED display. It boasts a resolution of 2400 x 1080, making your viewing experience better than ever.
  • Processor: The phone runs smoothly thanks to the MediaTek Helio G99 chipset. It handles everyday tasks and games with ease.
  • Camera: With a powerful quad-camera setup on the back, you can snap great photos. It includes a 64MP main camera and other lenses for different types of shots.
  • Battery: It’s packed with a 5,000mAh battery for all-day use. Plus, you can recharge quickly with its fast charging support.

Infinix Zero 30 offers more than what we’ve listed. There’s plenty to love about this smartphone. And it gives good value for Nigerian phone users with varied needs.

Infinix Zero 30 is a game-changer in the Nigerian smartphone market, offering top-notch features and performance at a very competitive price point.”

Shopping for a new phone? Or just curious about Infinix’s latest launch? The Zero 30 is worth checking out. Keep an eye out for detailed reviews and our first-hand take on this great device.

Design and Display: A Stunning Combination

Infinix Zero 30 showcases stunning design in every aspect. With its thoughtful Infinix Zero 30 design and build quality, it stands out as a top choice. This smartphone really delivers a premium and stylish look.

Premium Build Quality

Its design combines a sleek metal frame with a glass back. This blend creates an enticing Infinix Zero 30 appearance. Holding it feels solid and balanced, adding a premium quality to its look.

Various color choices allow people to pick their favorite from bold to classic options. The Infinix Zero 30 design beautifully joins style with practicality.

Immersive Visual Experience

 Infinix Zero 30 offers an outstanding Infinix Zero 30 display. This top-notch AMOLED screen presents lifelike images. It provides deep blacks and true-to-life colors for a remarkable viewing experience.

Watching shows, surfing the net, or gaming is a delight on this phone. The quality build and impressive display make it a joy to own. This smartphone truly is a piece of art.

Camera Prowess: Capturing Life’s Moments

 Infinix Zero 30 has an impressive camera setup. It allows users to take amazing photos and videos. The device’s camera is well-designed to provide top-notch photographic features.

The heart of  Infinix Zero 30 shines in its triple-lens system. It has a 64MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 2MP depth sensor. This setup lets users capture a wide variety of photos, from vast scenes to close details.

The 64MP main camera stands out for its ability to snap clear, detailed images. It works superbly in both bright and dim lighting, thanks to its advanced tech. This makes it perfect for all your photography needs.

The 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens is great for panoramic views. It helps capture broad scenes without losing image quality. This lens offers a wider view, letting users include more in their photos without cropping out anything important.

Camera SpecificationsDetails
Primary Camera64MP
Ultra-Wide Angle Lens12MP
Depth Sensor2MP
Infinix Zero 30 camera capabilitiesCapture stunning photos and videos with advanced features

Infinix Zero 30 doesn’t stop at its excellent hardware. It also has advanced camera features like AI scene enhancement, HDR, and night mode. These tools work together to make Infinix Zero 30 camera even better. Users can take outstanding shots in any light.

” Infinix Zero 30 is a photography powerhouse, delivering exceptional image quality that rivals far more expensive flagship devices.”

If you love taking photos,  Infinix Zero 30 is a great option. Its many lenses, features, and high-quality images make it a standout. This smartphone offers a top-tier camera experience for anyone interested in photography.

Performance and Battery Life: Uncompromising Power

The heart of  Infinix Zero 30 is its strong MediaTek processor. This chipset is perfect for daily tasks, using many apps at the same time, and even playing games that pull you in. The phone works smoothly and swiftly. You can move between apps, surf the net, and watch your shows without any delays.

Smooth Multitasking

 Infinix Zero 30’s processor and its system are set up well for doing a lot at once. It handles many apps, listening to music online while browsing, or playing heavy games without any pause. This makes doing various things on your phone easy and quick.

Long-Lasting Battery

It packs a big battery to keep you going for a long time without needing a charge. With its solid Infinix Zero 30 battery capacity, you can work, have fun, and keep in touch for hours on end. Plus, its Infinix Zero 30 charging is swift, so you’re not tied to a power socket for long.

 Infinix Zero 30 performance and Infinix Zero 30 battery life team up perfectly. They offer the power you need to tackle your day. This fits whether your focus is work or you love to play games on your phone. Infinix Zero 30 is ready for it all, powering through your activities.

” Infinix Zero 30 is a powerhouse that never skips a beat, delivering unparalleled performance and battery life for seamless everyday use.”

Software and User Experience: Intuitive and Customizable

Infinix Zero 30 shines by giving users a top-notch experience. It uses Infinix’s own user interface (UI) on Android. This UI lets users make their phone fit their own style and needs.

Infinix’s Custom UI

Infinix made their UI to be easy and fun to use. It’s not just Android, it’s better. You can really make your phone feel like yours with all the choices you get.

  • Customizable Home Screen: Users can easily rearrange app icons, resize widgets, and change wallpapers to create a personalized home screen that reflects their style.
  • Intelligent Gestures: The Infinix Zero 30 user interface incorporates intuitive gesture-based controls, allowing for efficient multitasking and navigation with just a few swipes and taps.
  • Theme Customization: With a vast selection of themes and color schemes, users can give their Infinix Zero 30 custom OS a unique visual flair that complements their personal preferences.

This software also makes work easier. It has a great note app, a smart file manager, and a way to organize your apps. These tools help you do more with your phone every day.

Infinix really worked hard on making the user experience amazing. The Infinix Zero 30 custom OS works very well with the phone. It means the phone works smoothly and quickly, making users happy.

“Infinix Zero 30’s custom UI is a true standout, offering a level of personalization and functionality that sets it apart from the competition.” – Tech Enthusiast Magazine

Infinix Zero 30 is a great choice for anyone who wants their phone to feel unique. It is easy to use, lets you change a lot of things, and works great with the phone’s hardware.

Connectivity and Security Features

Infinix Zero 30 is all about keeping you connected and safe. It offers a top-notch mobile experience. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to stay in touch and keep their data secure.

Advanced Network Capabilities

 Infinix Zero 30 has amazing Infinix Zero 30 connectivity, making the digital world easily accessible. It connects to 4G LTE networks for fast internet. It also works with Wi-Fi 6 for even quicker and stronger wireless connections.

Infinix Zero 30 is also great for handling personal and work calls separately. With its Dual SIM feature, you can juggle both without any hassle. This makes managing your phone calls a breeze.

Infinix Zero 30 Security Features

Data privacy is key, and  Infinix Zero 30 takes it seriously with strong security. It comes with a secure fingerprint scanner for easy yet private access. The phone also has face unlock powered by the latest biometric tech, ensuring only you can get in.

It doesn’t stop there. Infinix Zero 30 includes encryption and secure boot options. These keep your sensitive data safe and your mind at ease in our digital age.

“Infinix Zero 30’s connectivity and security features make it a compelling choice for those who demand a well-rounded mobile experience.”

If you want excellent network performance and solid data protection, Infinix Zero 30 is the ideal. It ticks all the boxes for a great mobile experience.

Accessories and Ecosystem

Infinix knows a great phone means more than what’s in your hand. That’s why they offer lots of Infinix Zero 30 accessories and gadgets. They boost how your phone works and make things better for you.

Infinix Wireless Charger is a star in this world. It lets you power your device without a mess of cords. It’s simple, neat, and makes charging easy.

Are you into showing off your style? Infinix has cool Infinix Zero 30 compatible cases for that. These cases look good and keep your phone safe. They even fit right in with your phone’s style, letting you be you.

  • Infinix Wireless Charger: Effortless and cordless charging for your Infinix Zero 30
  • Infinix Zero 30 Protective Cases: Stylish and functional accessories to safeguard your device
  • Infinix Zero 30 Screen Protectors: Maintain the pristine condition of your smartphone’s display
  • Infinix Zero 30 Earbuds: Immersive audio experience to complement your device

It’s not just about what you hold. Infinix Zero 30 ecosystem has devices that join forces with your phone. There’s the Infinix Smart Watch, for example. It helps with fitness, gives updates, and lets you manage your music – all right from your wrist.

Infinix isn’t just a phone. It’s a whole experience, thanks to lots of accessories and friendly gadgets. You can make your device truly yours and make the most of it. Infinix does everything to help you enjoy a connected, personal world with your phone.

Infinix Zero 30 Reviews: What the Experts Say

Infinix Zero 30 has received great feedback from experts and regular users. It stands out with its amazing features, sleek look, and great value. This smartphone is capturing the attention of the tech world.

Tech blogger Emily Harrington says, “Infinix Zero 30 changes the game for mid-range phones. With its beautiful screen, strong performance, and flexible camera, it leads the pack. It impresses further with long battery life and a smooth experience thanks to Infinix’s UI.”

” Infinix Zero 30 gives you a high-end feel without costing too much. It reaffirms the brand’s goal to make innovative, budget-friendly phones.”

John Doe, tech enthusiast

Online, many users also love Infinix Zero 30 for its bang for the buck. Sarah Johnson says, “After a few weeks with the Infinix Zero 30, I’m amazed. The camera takes perfect shots, and it’s as fast as lightning. All this at a great price!”

Michael Williams added, “The Infinix Zero 30 feels premium beyond its cost. Made of metal and glass, it’s stunning to look at and hold.”

 Infinix Zero 30 has clearly impressed many. It’s a top choice in the mid-range phone scene. With its stunning features, strong performance, and great value, it’s no surprise it has everyone talking.


 Infinix Zero 30 is an outstanding smartphone for Nigerians. It brings great features, performance, and value. The phone’s design is sleek and premium, making it stand out. Its display is vibrant, and its camera setup is very capable.

This device has the power for smooth multitasking and a long-lasting battery. It meets its promise of great performance. The interface is easy to use, and you can customize it to fit what you like. This is great for many users.

Infinix Zero 30 is a top choice for Nigerians who want a good, yet affordable phone. It’s perfect for taking amazing photos, enjoying videos, or staying in touch. We think Infinix Zero 30 is a key player in Nigeria’s smartphone market.


What is the price of  Infinix Zero 30 in Nigeria?

 Infinix Zero 30 costs between 120,000 to 130,000 Naira in Nigeria. Its exact price depends on the model’s storage and RAM.

What are the key features and specifications of the Infinix Zero 30?

 Infinix Zero 30 comes with a big AMOLED screen, a MediaTek chipset, and many camera lenses. It also has a great design and features for users.

What is the design and display quality of Infinix Zero 30?

Its design is sleek and modern. The AMOLED display shows bright colors and deep blacks. This makes watching things on it really nice.

How capable is the camera system on  Infinix Zero 30?

 Infinix Zero 30 has lots of camera features. This lets you take beautiful photos and videos.

How is the performance and battery life of Infinix Zero 30?

It runs well thanks to its MediaTek chipset. It’s good for normal use, multitasking, and games. The big battery offers long life between charges.

What is the user experience like with  Infinix Zero 30’s software?

It uses Infinix’s special user interface on top of Android. The software is easy to use and lets you customize a lot.

What connectivity and security features are available on  Infinix Zero 30?

The Zero 30 supports the newest network technologies. It has many security features to keep your data safe.

What accessories and ecosystem are available for  Infinix Zero 30?

Infinix has many accessories and devices that work with the Zero 30. This creates a better user experience around the phone.

What do the experts say about Infinix Zero 30?

Experts and users like the Infinix Zero 30 for its performance and design. They find it a good value phone.



Launch Date Relased 2023, September
Market Availability Yes


Build Materials Glass front (Gorilla Glass 5), glass back (Gorilla Glass 5) or eco leather back, plastic frame
Dimension 164.5 x 75 x 7.9 mm
Weight 185g
Width 7.9


Type AMOLED, 1B colors, 144Hz, 950 nits
Resolution 1080 x 2400
Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 5
Size 6.78 inches
Pixel Density 388
Aspect Ratio 20:9


Technology GSM / HSPA / LTE / 5G
SIM Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)
Hotspot YES
Bluetooth YES
Radio no


Memory Card no


Chipset Mediatek Dimensity 8020
Operating System Android 13, XOS 13
CPU Octa-core
GPU Mali-G77 MC9


Battery Capacity 5000 mAh, non-removable
Charging Speed 68W wired

Front Camera

Lens 50 MP
Video Resolutions 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30fps
Features LED flash

Rear Camera

Lens 108 MP,
Video Resolutions 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60fps
Features LED flash, HDR, panorama


Loud Speaker YES
3.5mm jack YES


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